Cloud Hosting - We Are The Cloud


Your website is the hub of your online presence. If it’s unavailable because your hosting is down, it’s as if you’ve locked your front door during business hours to the rest of the world.

Many companies claim to offer customized solutions. ISCG is one of the few that actually does.

ISCG does it is by rejecting all proprietary, cookie-cutter solutions. We go to the root of the problem with open-source tools, which we customize from the inside-out to fit a particular company’s needs. Also, because ISCG is a first-party provider that owns and operates its infrastructure, we can customize deployments on a level that resellers and other providers can only dream about.

We have delivered thousands of high-tech solutions since 1996. Whether it’s a hybrid cloud or a hybrid cloud with disaster recovery and business continuity, shared colocation or a virtual server with remote hands, ISCG is there for you. Since all our solutions are flexible, first-party deployments, you can scale up or down, depending on your need. With us, you get what you want when you want it, with no hidden costs.

We call this passionate attention to detail the ISCG Difference– it’s the data center redefined for the 21st-century enterprise. Whatever project you’re working on now, we know we can beat it in terms of cost, quality and efficiency. Won’t you let us show you?